Cannabis Home Delivery

Connecting customers and dispensaries for convenient, discreet, and compliant home base delivery.


Why Melly?

Fast, Reliable, Easy

Our top priority is making your life easier. We’ll get you what you need, when you need it.


Melly is the most convenient way to get cannabis delivered right to your door. Place your order and we’ll take care of the rest.


Melly works exclusively with licensed dispensaries and licensed brands. All of the products purchased and delivered through Melly are tested and produced by licensed vendors.

One Stop Shop

Shop a full range of products and learn about cannabis products.


You are our number one priority. We understand how crucial your order is as well as your need to be discreet. Melly ensures that your business with us stays your business. You can use the Melly app to track your courier right to your front door.


Delivering relief, relaxation, and so much more directly to your door!

Melly strives to make medical cannabis easily accessible for all adults who hold medical recommendation. We offer customers a convenient way to access brands without the hassle of visiting a dispensary. It's our job to make shopping for cannabis convenient, fast, and easy. We work with dispensaries and brands to act as a one-stop-shop, bringing medical cannabis right to your doorstep.

Melly is an easy, reliable and convenient way for cannabis patients to get safe access to medical cannabis without visiting a dispensary. Melly connects patients with a number of quality brands and licensed dispensaries. Through the Melly platform, patients will get easy access to brands, dispensaries, and cannabis delivery sent directly to their front door.